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How I Got Through My Friend and Walking Companion Moving 2,400 Miles Away>>
When my friend moved to Canada, I didn’t just lose a walking companion. I lost my footing.

How a Lifelong Worrier Learns to Let Go>>
Living “in the moment” is one way to have a happier day. But can a serial worrier learn to press pause?

Pregnant, 45, and Learning to Drive>>
I was 45, pregnant, and terrified of driving. Could facing my fears behind the wheel help me navigate what lay ahead?

‘Tis the Season for Plastic Surgery>>
The holidays aren’t just about presents and family. For some, it’s the time to get peeled, lifted, or sculpted—and emerge new in the new year.

What’s the Deal with Daily Deals? >>
How Groupon and Livingsocial impact the businesses that run with them and the users who buy with them.

Antiques Roadshow in Washington: Behind the Scenes >>
The author was more excited to go to Antiques Roadshow than to her own wedding, but what she learned took the shine off her favorite TV program.

The Plastic Surgeon’s Wife >>
Being married to a cosmetic surgeon may have beauty benefits–such as free Botox—but does it also mean you’re always being scrutinized?

Great Hair 2011: Istanbul on the Potomac >>
Why do so many hairstylists come here from Turkey? And what makes them so good?

I’m Turning My Body Over to You >>
Writer Cathy Alter had three months to transform her body before a high-school reunion. Were the trainers at an elite gym up to it? Was she?

Being Beautiful Is Not For Wimps >>
Andrea Rodgers whitens her teeth three nights a week. She gets Botox and fillers. Is she way too high maintenance? Or is doing whatever it takes to stay young the new norm in Washington?