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I Was the Victim of a Fake Boyfriend Hoax

For the past week, most of the gawking nation has been simultaneously captivated and baffled by Manti Te’o and the life and death of his fake girlfriend…. Read more

I Am Pregnant. Please Shut Up: An Etiquette Lesson

I was at a friend’s birthday party when it happened again. Word had got out that I was pregnant, and it didn’t take long for one of the guests, a woman I had only met twice in my life, to come barreling across the room, eyes shining with the unwavering… Read more

A Real Housewives Dream Come True

When I lived in Manhattan, I saw celebrities all the time. I drank vodka gimlets next to Harvey Keitel at a bar on Columbus, stood next to Matt Dillon at party for “Dazed and Confused,” grabbed for the same pair of shoes as Uma Thurman did at the Kenneth Cole… Read more

A Public Apology to Bruce Willis

In a recent interview with the German website, Bruce Willis said that he would never sign up for a social networking site because he finds the concept of online technology like Facebook and Twitter “disturbing.” I fear that I’m partially responsible for Willis’ aversion to the electronic format…. Read more

In Defense of Women’s Magazines

Liz Jones, former editor of Marie Claire, avid collector of Vogue magazines, and frequent target of Jezebel’s arch lambasting, wrote a column in the Daily Mail the other day documenting her long love affair with women’s magazines. A relationship, she laments, that has since come to an end, her former… Read more